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Dr. Nupur Kohli

Assistant Professor<br /> Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology<br /> Khalifa University<br /> UAE

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Topic: Upcycled Stem Cells: An Emerging approach towards Sustainable Regenerative Therapies

Dr.Kohli joined Khalifa University as an Assistant Professor in February 2022. She came from Imperial College London, UK, where she conducted research on developing ex vivo living system for preclinical testing of metallic implants. Throughout her career she has worked extensively with adult stem cells and has a strong passion for delivering solutions to unmet clinical needs by bridging the gap between laboratory science and clinical translation. During her doctoral studies, she conducted pre-clinical research on stem cells for regenerative treatments. She won 5 awards during her PhD including the best young investigator award at the European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS) annual meeting in 2012. During her postdoctoral years, she invented and patented a novel biomaterial for bone defect healing. She currently serves as a scientific consultant on the start-up company commercialising her patent.

In 2021 she was selected as one of the 27 scientist leaders from Europe to participate in BSF fellowship for scientists looking to become enterpreneurs.

Dr. Kohli's lab currently conducts research that focusses on musculoskeletal (MSK) pathologies that are debilitating and among the leading causes of disability worldwide. She is focused on examining the potential of using stem cell factors that are secreted by adult stem cells in therapy. This could take the form of allogenic or autologous therapy. Her aim is to shift the current paradigms regarding the use of stem cells as regenerative treatments to a “cell-free” approach, thereby surpassing many limitations associated with the use of stem cell therapies. She is also currently working on creating awareness regarding the use of stem cells from medical waste products as a potential source for therapeutic use.

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